The wayside poleshrine of the village of Bikavėnai was erected during the inter-war period; the date of its erection – the year 1938 – is carved on it. It consists of a wooden tetrahedron of a complicated profile, a quadrilateral shrine at the front and is growing somewhat narrower downwards; it is covered with a small metal gable roof.

The shrine itself is notable for the abundance of décor elements: stepped profiles of several tiers adorn the place of joining the profiled pole and the shrine. There are small turned columns in the front part of the shrine on both sides of the former small glass door. Diamonds of various sizes embellish the front part of the poleshrine and the pole. The décor elements are highlighted– painted white they stand out against the brown background of the shrine.

The shrine is in a bad condition, in some places wood is rotten, several layers of paint are visible through the flaking paint, the glass is broken. The original statuette of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was inside the shrine is gone. It has been substituted with a new statuette representing Jesus Christ.




  • State/county: Šilutė district
  • Country: Lithuania